ZAG-S&W Hosted a Chinese Delegation of Businessmen and Executives

In early April, our firm organized a visit to Israel by businessmen and executives from Chinese companies engaged in the bio-med industry and the food industry, looking for cooperation and investment opportunities in Israeli companies.

The delegation was organized thanks to the long-standing presence and extensive activity of our firm throughout China. Over the course of the visit, we introduced our firm’s partners and heads of departments to the members of the delegation. In addition, the delegation enjoyed lectures regarding Israel’s Taxation methods; Litigation; Hi-Tech; and Business, from our firm’s lawyers: Mrs. Tehila Levi, Head of the China affairs Department, Mr. Boaz Feinberg, Head of Tax and Money Laundering Department, Mr. Tomer Raif, Head of Litigation, Dispute Resolution and Tenders Department, Mr. Mor Limanovich, Head of Hi-Tech and Internet Department.

Among the Chinese companies were the following companies: Ankee Food; Putian Wan Bao Automobile Group; Fujian Jinjiang Houson Building Materials; Shenship (Shenzhen) Logistics; Shenzhen Pu Zhong Health; Wan Sheng (Shenzhen) Holding; Fujian Hao Cai Tou Food; and Nelson Medical.

In accordance with the interests of the delegation members, we visited ALL-Trade – the largest electronics recycling company in the Middle East; Gad Dairies – a company with innovative technologies for processing dairy products; The Chamber of Commerce in Tel-Aviv; MIS Implants, the firm's client, which is at the forefront of development and production of advanced products and solutions aimed to simplify implant dentistry and has extensive operation in China.


In addition, our office introduced the members of the delegation to the firm's clients and Israeli companies in the field of bio-med, medical devices and food industries, which are looking for investments in China. Following the visit, several Israeli companies are already in advanced negotiations with the Chinese companies regarding investment and cooperation in China.